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WIN – Select the winner of the race. You win only if your horse/greyhound finishes first.

PLACE – Means second. You win if your horse/greyhound finishes second.

SHOW – Means third. You win if your horse/greyhound finishes first, second or third.

ACROSS THE BOARD – Wagering on a horse/greyhound to win, place and show.

QUINELLA – Select the first two finishers (In either order).

EXACTA – Select the first two finishers to cross the finish line (In exact order).

DAILY DOUBLE – To win this wager, pick the winner of both the first and second races.

TRIFECTA – Select the first three finishers to cross the finish line in exact order in designated Trifecta races.

SUPERFECTA – Select the first four finishers to cross the finish line in designated Superfecta races.

TWIN TRIFECTA – The object of the Twin Trifecta is to select the horses/greyhounds you think will finish first, second and third in exact order in the first half of the race and exchange that ticket for a second half Trifecta of the following race. One-half of the net Twin Trifecta pool will be paid equally to winner(s) of the first half when those tickets are presented to be exchanged. The remaining half of the pool, along with any carry over will be to winner(s) of the second half. If no one selects the second half correctly, the pool is carried over to the next racing performance. There will be a mandatory payout of the Twin Trifecta on the first Wednesday of each month and the last performance of the racing season.

Pic 6 – The object of the Pic 6 is to select the winner of six consecutive races (usually races 3, 4,5,6,7 and 8 ).

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